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Thigh High Socks

Faded Navy & White Stripes

Faded Navy & White Stripes

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One of our fan-favorite thigh high sock types is Faded Navy Blue with White Stripes!

These thigh high socks for plus size queens give us all the sporty spice vibes. Challenge your girls to a little volleyball game and wear these long socks at full staff, or make them scrunch socks with your favorite short denim skirt. Take to Instagram in your favorite cheeky shorts, a fitted baseball hat, and these thigh high socks for a surefire, like-worthy post. 

Rocking something that makes you feel good is just as important as the fit. The mission to find cute accessories that fit and make you feel fabulous hasn’t always been easy. And as the world slowly begins to come around to accurately catering to curvy queens, many other thigh high tights or leggings never seem to feel or fit good. Our thigh high striped socks are designed to graciously fit all of your juicy thighs comfortably in a long-lasting, non-constricting knit fabric. 

We love to see our curvy fit ladies shine bright with socks that make you feel as sexy as we know you are! We created thigh high knit socks that exclusively fit ladies with Thunda Thighs because we’re thick AF too! Join the family and show off your Thunda Thighs with pride!


s i z i n g + m e a s u r e m e n t s
Length: 36.5 inches
Stretch: up to 38 inches (yes, you read correctly)
Recommended: For upper thighs that measure 27-39 inches

l o o k a f t e r m e
• Made of 100% brushed acrylic.
• Machine washable in cold water only.
• Tumble dry on the lowest setting.
• Wash inside out to prevent damage.
• Please do not bleach.

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