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Thunda Woolies - Denim Blue

Thunda Woolies - Denim Blue

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Step into cozy sophistication with our Thunda Woolies Thigh-High Sock Collection, where warmth meets style in every step. Crafted to emulate the luxurious look of wool, these socks are made from 100% brushed acrylic, ensuring both comfort and durability. Available in two lengths, Long (36") and Short (27"), these socks offer versatility and warmth for any occasion.

 k e y f e a t u r e s

  • Wool-Inspired Design: Get the classic wool look without compromising on comfort. The grey foot extending just above the knee transitions seamlessly into an elegant off-white hue with a bold pop of color. 
  • Stripes of Color: Adding a touch of flair, a solid color stripe runs across the upper thigh, available in five stunning variations:
    • Mahogony: The classic mock wool shade for a timeless appeal
    • Toasted Pink: A soft and inviting hue adding warmth to your ensemble
    • Denim Blue: A cool and versatlle shade for a relaxed chic look
    • Rocket Red: Perfect for the holidays, reminiscent of festive warmth and joy
    • Black & White: A classic monochrome pairing for a modern twist. 

s i z i n g + m e a s u r e m e n t s

  • Length: Long 36", Short 27"
  • Stretch: up to 42 inches (yes, you read correctly)
  • Recommended: For upper thighs that measure 27-42 inches

l o o k a f t e r m e

  • Made of 100% brushed acrylic.
  • Machine washable in cold water only.
  • Tumble dry on the lowest setting.
  • Wash inside out to prevent damage.
  • Do not bleach
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