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Thigh High Socks

Emerald Green

Emerald Green

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Channel your zen and serene in Emerald Green! 

The struggle is over! Thunda Thighs Emerald Green thigh high socks are vibrant in color, and perfect to wear in support of your favorite team. Make them risqué with a negligee or sport them on St. Patricks Day. Awaken your inner enchantress with your own take on poison ivy this Halloween. 

These long leg warmers keep you warm while letting those thicc thighs breathe. Show off what your mama gave you with leg socks that compliment your silhouette without your legs going numb. Bunny soft and insanely durable, these over the knee socks are chub rub proof. And for our tall queens, these socks stretch to fit large feet too!

Accessories shouldn’t wear you; you should wear them. They should highlight your best assets, be comfortable, and inspire you to be YOU. We know your pain because we’ve felt it too. That pain is exactly why we created an entire line of long socks, especially for our oh-so curvy, big-hearted girls with thicc hips and thighs. Every pair is custom-designed with your thiccness in mind. Experience what the “perfect fit the first time around” feels like with Thunda Thighs in Emerald Green.


s i z i n g + m e a s u r e m e n t s
Length: 36.5 inches
Stretch: up to 38 inches (yes, you read correctly)
Recommended: For upper thighs that measure 27-39 inches

l o o k a f t e r m e
• Made of 100% brushed acrylic.
• Machine washable in cold water only.
• Tumble dry on the lowest setting.
• Wash inside out to prevent damage.
• Please do not bleach.

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