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Thunda Tūbbies - Green Beak Duckies

Thunda Tūbbies - Green Beak Duckies

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Quack up your style with our charming Thunda Tūbbies Duckies Collection! Made from a comfortable cotton blend fabric, these delightful socks bring a playful twist to your wardrobe. Introducing a whimsical design where your feet transform into adorable ducks, featuring an all-white sock adorned with a green or yellow toe box resembling a duck's beak, along with matching heel details. Complete with two small circles as eyes, these socks add a touch of fun and character to your outfit.

k e y f e a t u r e s

  • Duck-inspired Design: Get ready to waddle in style! The socks emulate a duck's appearance with a beak-like toe box and matching heel detail, along with eye circles for an adorable duckling look
  • Color Variety: Choose from a beak-like toe box and matching heel detail in either green or yellow to suit your mood
  • Two Length Options: Available in two lengths - Thigh high Thunda Tūbbies and the new Under the Knee Sock length - for you comfort and style preference. 

s i z i n g + m e a s u r e m e n t s
  • Length: Heel to cuff 28 inches
  • Recommended: For upper thighs that measure 24-35 inches
l o o k a f t e r m e
  • Made of brushed cotton, nylon elastic blend
  • Machine washable in cold water only.
  • Tumble dry on the lowest setting.
  • Wash inside out to prevent damage.
  • Please do not bleach.
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